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Bikini Blowout

Bikini Blowout

Nikki Smith’s first movie scene takes her swimming pool side so she can display us her great body in a sexy bathing dress in advance of that babe strips it off to flaunt each succulent inch of flesh. “I’m very comfortable with the attention that my bra buddies bring. I’ve received tons of attention coz of them since I was juvenile so it is just second nature now. I have to have my bras custom ordered. I try to have a couple of different styles: low-cut, full-support and of course, a pair of cute dress-up bras. I tend to disrobe the undergarment off as soon as I get home.” The girl-next-door sort, Nikki gets hit on a lot, which is not surprising at all. “I am not a biggest fan of pick-up lines but the one that stands out in my memory the majority is ‘Don’t tell my wife but u make me actually urge to have an affair!’ Seriously? That was his pick-up line!” As for getting off at home, Nikki says, “I used to be very effortless with my masturbation, fingering myself during the time that watching porn. Merely latterly after becoming a webcam model did I realize the joy a toy can bring. While I enjoy my private porn time with my fake penis, I think my majority gripping and strongest orgasms come whilst I’m interacting with my fans and friends online.”

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