Female In Red

Lady In Red

Sometimes boob hounds love us are in need of a flogging. Danica Danali, this babe of the damp L-cup marangos, is just the angel to deliver the discipline we so deeply deserve. As we all know by now, this titillating Texan is one freaky honey. Typically, she prefers to be dominated, but this day we thought it would be pleasure to let her explore a different side of herself.

“I’m usually very uncomplaining,” Danica says. “Especially when I’m with guys, but every now and then I adore to take control. I’ll tie my lady-killer down now and then and work his jock and body for my enjoyment. It is a pleasure change of pace.”

Danica could tie us up each day if that babe wanted. Especially if that babe promised to smother us with her enormous mellons, and then drown us in her bawdy cleft juices as that babe sits on our faces.

“I’m addicted to tit and areola play,” Danica said. “My nipps are really sensitive and it appears to be love they’re always subrigid. The slightest touch wakes them up. I adore it when a Lothario kisses me whilst rubbing on my love melons and pinches my nipps. It receives my muff dripping juicy.”

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XLGirl Origins

XLGirl Origins

Paige Plenty described herself as “young, barmy and ready to please.” That was certainly a very accurate description. Our studio team enjoyed Paige’s visits and liked her company. All of us liked watching Paige bounce up and down on the pole.

“I love having sex in front of a camera,” told Paige. “It does something to me. It receives me more excited.”

Paige was one of the 1st XL Angels and V-Girls to sport areola rings. This babe likewise makes worthwhile use of her tongue-stud. Paige’s a quiet gal but wasn’t coyness about spreading muff and eating meat-thermometer on-camera when she got warmed up.

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Tag Her Knockers

Tag Her Tits

Suzumi Wilder is what we like to call a “H-erd.” For those unaware of the term, a h-erd is short for a hot nerd. Suzumi is into movie scene games, role-playing and other interests of lovable geek-dom. So naturally, this babe jumped at the chance to play a busty intergalactic bounty hunter in this bonus scene. Needless to say, this is the role Suzumi was born to play.

“I’m Suzumi Wilder,” this babe says with a bright smile on her face as this Bonus episode widens. “I’m earth’s solely hope!”

And clothed like this, this babe is our merely hope to drop a heavy load.

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Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

It’s a large day for Kimmie Kaboom and a greater than average day for XL Beauties. This great New Discovery is about to be filmed having sex for the first time. It’s 42H hooter heaven.

Kimmie admits to being nervous about it and that is completely natural. The XL porn fellow Tony D. has no thing but unyielding feelings about her and will train her anything about sex on-camera.

What satisfies Kimmie best in sofa?

“Having my twat fingered and like button played with but I also love a valuable stiff dick in my cunt. I guess I like sex in general. It is rock hard to pick just one thing!”

Love some SCORE and V-mag adult models, Kimmie is married to a very generous big boob paramour and this petticoat chaser encouraged her to pose for XL Beauties. She’s an “XL Gals wife,” love Jasmine Jones, Cameron Skye and numerous others.

“I would say I’m assertive sexually. I mean I know what I desire when I urge it. But I can be very passive and let the charmer take entire control. I’ve sex as much as possible, at least each morning or night. My hubby is a very proud chap!” Amen to that, Kimmie!

We will be asking Kimmie later on about her first sex scene at XL Gals. Now pardon us during the time that we go kaboom!

Thanks, Kimmie Kaboom.

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Hawt & Fascinating

Sexy & Sweet

If you are bad with names adore we are, rencounter a goddess adore Suzumi Wilder is the perfect situation. This babe has her name tatted right above her 44DDD tits, giving boob hounds such as ourselves a big titty cheat sheet. It’s nearly a shame that Suzumi’s love muffins are so damn-near flawless, ‘coz that babe has a cute face and a bright smile. Not quite a shame. ‘cuz we’ll not at all tire of looking at these damn-near flawless mellons. And Suzumi’s used to this, likewise. Which is why that babe doesn’t mind that little bull’s eye right above her mams.

“I receive a lot of attention because of my chest,” Suzumi said. “And I love each bit of it! I always try to emphasize my marangos when I go out. I wear low-cut tops and tighter fitting bras to make them pop out more.”

What a hotty. A gamer by day, Suzumi is a nympho who enjoys playing with a man’s joystick at night.

“I have sex as often as possible,” Suzumi told. “If I have a hubby, we’ll screw about one to three times per day. My beloved position is from behind. It is the superlatively worthwhile. I adore having my butt smacked whilst I’m being screwed, and I adore when the lad pulls my hair while banging me doggystyle, likewise.”

This babe is hot, she’s ravishing. She’s Suzumi.

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Tons of Sex

Plenty Of Sex

The worst pick-up line a boy ever told to Paige Plenty was “If you get any sexier, I’ll end up with shaggy palms in a week.” Truly, that’s not also bad. This charmer may have observed Paige’s images and clips before.

A glamourous goddess with a very hot body, Paige’s juggs were very pliable. She could pull and stretch ‘em adore taffy. “I actually had a priceless time down there,” Paige one time emailed when she got home to Columbus, Indiana. She was always nutty to acquire her stylish raiment off and play with her bigger than average marangos and twat in our studio.

Paige started her own web site in the early ’00s. It did not final lengthy and has been closed for years. To this day, we acquire emails and letters asking about her. As we have pointed out for years, appreciate the angels this day cuz the next day may be the day when they no longer model and move on to other pursuits.

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Billie Busts Out

Billie Busts Out

Gals like Billie Austin don’t come around likewise often. She’s got large H-cup scoops, a greater than typical personality and an even bigger raunchy appetite. Whoever said, “Everything’s bigger in size in Texas” had cuties adore this Texan’s humongous bra-busters in mind. Her self-confidence is big, also.

“I believe if you’ve got it, expose it,” Billie told. “I like being a curvy and voluptuous female. My Mother taught me how to dress well and carry myself when I was young, and I wouldn’t change everything. I love my mellons and I love my curves.”

We would not change anything about you either, Billie. Especially not when you are teasing us with your holy hangers pouring out of that overmatched flannel top. Billie is wearing some cowboy boots, too. Which is fitting since that babe says one of her prefered banging positions is reverse cowgirl.

“I relish any position where I can feel my man’s wang unfathomable inside of me,” this babe said. “Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl let me control the weenie, which each goddess can’t live out of. I do love doggy-style, though. I’ve a worthy, corpulent a-hole and each buxom angel can’t live without the feeling of banging face down, booty up. I like the smacking sound of my guy’s pelvis hitting my arse. It gets me even more soaked.”

And Billie talking like this is getting us even more rigid. She’s busting out, and our ramrods are about willing to do the same.

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Meet CJ

Meet CJ

One of TSG’s editors intercepts recent discovery CJ Woods in the lobby and sits down with her for a get-to-know-you chat in advance of CJ enters the hallowed hall of hooters aka The SCORE Group studio.

Sexy glamour modeling had crossed CJ’s mind more than a slight in number times but this babe says the opportunity wasn’t there. When this big breasted Mother saw XLGirls.com, this babe read the Glamour model Seek page and sent in some at-home snaps the studio and the editors acquire to see. CJ did not wait such a fast response but before she knew it, this babe was flying to the Sunshine State for the 1st time.

CJ didn’t wear the low-cut pink top she sports in this chat. The male passengers would have gone batty. But this babe does like to wear titty tops.

“This is probably the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done,” says CJ.

Take it away, CJ and welcome to XLGirls.com.

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Dressing Room Snaps

Dressing Room Snaps

This is a quickie Bonus snap set of New Discovery CJ Woods showing her arrival at those hallowed halls of hooters–from her grand entrance to getting dolled-up for her first photo discharge and video. Alongside this is a movie scene of CJ chatting with a TSG editor about what led her to model for the very first time and how she discovered XLGirls.

CJ’s a breasty Mommy from Kentucky and that babe has loads of southern charisma. She says this babe is a 40DD but the final time that babe was fitted, she went with a 38DD brassiere.

CJ says she is at a point in her life when that babe can do this and she indeed wants to do it cuz it’ll make her cheerful and this babe doesn’t care how people feel about it.

Let’s break it down.

First-time adult modeling. First-time modeling bare. 1st time nude in front of people this babe isn’t having sex with. Never been a nudist or naturist. By no means been to a in nature’s garb beach.

Yup, XLGirls is the place for CJ.

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Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Meet CJ Woods, a blond southern belle from Kentucky–born and raised–with an accent that could melt steel and a hot, plump body that can receive you as rock hard as metallic. This is her 1st time at XL Beauties ‘cuz we’ve been #1 with fresh discoveries since the beginning. Southern beauties are always welcome!

CJ was browsing the internet and saw XLGirls.com. She didn’t say if she was looking specifically for XLGirls or if that babe just found it by accident. If she did identify it by accident, it was destiny that this babe would apply and, before long, take her raiment off and expose her lush, 40DD-cup marangos and overweight charms.

“I always wanted to be a glamour model,” says CJ. “I at not time was one, but when I saw XLGirls, I thought, ‘Yeah, I can do this. I am gonna try.” CJ did and now she’s here!

We’ll be seeing more of CJ Woods and in sexy boy-girl act!

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SCOREVideos.com Particular Scones & Tugs

SCOREVideos.com Particular Juggs & Tugs

There is nothing quite love blasts from the past. Especially when that blast from the past is Bailey Santanna, one of our most-popular XL Beauties of all-time. Bailey Santanna launched with us in 2002 as a joy, flirtatious 23-year-old redhead. Because she was a student at the time, we didn’t think we’d see Bailey again after her first discharge. That babe had her sights set on a career in fashion design and adult modeling was just a quick spell of dream fulfillment–though she did take her 1st discharge seriously.

“When I do anything, I do it properly and absolutely,” that babe said then. “Whether it is cleaning or posing, I give it my all.”

And just as quickly as this babe came she was gone. Bailey would not return until 2008, but this time that babe was willing to pop her hardcore cherry. She would go on to be featured in best-sellers adore K-Jugs and Preggos & Milkers, and this scene with our cocksman Juan Largo, was one of her 1st bazookas and tugs scene.

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