Big breasted Golden-haired Ravisher

Busty Blond Looker

Say howdy to Suzumi Wilder, a Big-Boob blonde ravisher who hails from South Carolina. Though you wouldn’t guess it, Suzumi is actually an potty gamer and has a mild addiction to role playing games like World of Warcraft and Last Dream. We have a dunky in number role playing games in mind for Suzumi and her heavy 44DDD melons, but we’ll save that for one more day.

Watching porn is one more one of Suzumi’s much loved pastimes. This, in addition to her fair skin, golden-haired hair and enormous boobs leaves her right at home among her recent XL Beauties sisters.

“I watch porn all the time,” Suzumi said. “Of course, that is supposed to mean I masturbate a lot. If I am going for a quickie, I will use an egg vibrator on my clit and work up to a quick orgasm whilst thinking about being fucked inflexible.”

Suzumi, 23, didn’t need to wait lengthy for the beef when this babe ventured to Miami and our hallowed halls of juggs. She filmed one of our hottest hardcore scenes of the year with one of our most-hung guys, and we’ll be posting it in a short time. Be on the look out for it.

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Aimee’s Oily Bod

Aimee's Oily Bod

Things always get a bit steamy and sticky when a beauty like Aimee Jackson is around. This breasty honey bunny from Kansas Town is a licensed massage therapist who says that babe is addicted to touch. This babe is accustomed to firmly but gently fondelling oil into the bodies of her patrons to relieve their stress, but this day, Aimee receives to treat herself to a unfathomable tissue rub-down. After a lengthy day of shooting, Aimee bathes her enormous H-cup naturals in oil and you can feel her growing more aroused.

“Playing with my milk cans is one of the finest ways to receive me lewd,” that babe said. “I like when a gent sucks on my love melons and nibbles on my nipples. I acquire lustful thinking about it.”

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New Discovery

New Discovery

XL Studs, our latest discovery is too the beauty of our stickiest succulent fantasies. Her name is Aimee Jackson, and that babe is a 27-year aged rubdown therapist from Kansas Town, Missouri. Missouri is also known as the “Show Me State,” making it the perfect place for Aimee to call home ‘cuz we could not be happier that Aimee is here showing us her 34H-cup milk cans.

“I identify the attention I get because of my billibongs pleasure,” Aimee said us. “If I catch chaps, and sometimes gals, staring too lengthy I’ll clench one of my fists and go under my bumpers to intentionally bounce them. I always acquire a great reaction.”

If the reaction is anything less than a standing ovation, we’ll need to give the citizens of Kansas Town credit for their restraint.

This is Aimee’s first time doing glamour modeling of any kind, but that babe is a natural in front of the digital camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we discharged this photo place in, and she’s as carnal and sensual as any goddess we’ve shot.

“I’ve always been a indeed erotic person,” Aimee said. “I think that is why I got into rub-down therapy. I like bodies–men and women–and working with them and the oils is tons of pleasure for me. I’ve been said I’ve an mind boggling touch.”

It have to feel like being touched by a big-boobed angel.

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Billie’s Large A gang bang

Billie's Big Bang

XL soldiers, stand at attention for Billie Austin’s 1st XL Cuties hardcore scene. She’ll polish the helmet of Tony’s pecker real wonderful. This is the true meaning of spit and shine.

They called YOU.S. Marine veteran Billie Austin a “bubble chaser” when that babe was a helicopter mechanic in the Corps. That is a tech who, amongst her many duties, looks for bubbles in the hydraulic lines of a chopper. Her official job description was “Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic.” Now Billie’s loving the porny life.

This day it is reversed. Bubble chasers are the dudes seeking Billie to acquire their hands on her large bubbles and her bigger than standard bubble booty! Yep, baby.

How did we detect Billie?

“My hubby is a big fan of the SCORE Group and he suggested I should submit pix. I’m very favourable he’s so supportive of me!”

What gets Billie off?

“A valuable aggressive roll in the hay where I receive a good pounding on my G-spot until I squirt like a geyser.”

It is time to let Billie make your dongs stand at attention. This babe can’t live with out jarheads.

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Moist Fruits & Scoops

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and whilst we will not dispute that claim, here at XL Gals, we like to receive daily servings of Vitamin B. Certainly, these vitamins are bra-busters and wazoo, and Scarlett Monroe has the one and the other those assets in spades.

Scarlett is precisely what comes to mind when you think of what an XL Cutie should be. That babe flashes a bright smile that lights up any room this babe saunters into, this babe boasts a couple of 34DD-cupper naturals flawless for motor boats and tit fucks, and her healthy curves and childbearing thighs are absolutely mouth-watering.

“I adore the attention I acquire,” Scarlett told us. “When I was younger, it would bother me, but now I embrace it. Now I think if anybody urges to stare at me–at my billibongs in particular–go right ahead. They’re there and they’re attractive.

We couldn’t acquiesce more. Take a gander at Scarlett’s latest fotos and then view her episode. Scarlett’s bod and boobies are as mellow and yummy as ever.

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Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The scholar body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. This babe continues to train in her classroom when this babe should be getting willing to make her imminent peculiar delivery. That’s dedication to all XL Bucks.

The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to suit as she pleases. This chab is a tit-man too, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that flaunt acres of warm, downy breast valley made to suck a favourable man’s face or wang.

The lesson plan this day is all about Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably mammoth scoops, her enjoyable pussy-hole and sex education in general. It is a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating anything on her desk. That babe urges her students to know everything and what more outstanding way than to use her own excellent anatomy.

It was no surprise that when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after that babe left. Everyone went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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Cream My Mambos

Cream My Tits

In this XL Girls Classic “Cream My Whoppers,” it is a big breasted feast of feasts with Sunshine, a gal who has a lot to give, and give it up she does, time after time. Sex with Sunshine is no quickie. It is a breast-sex adventure. These mellons were made for engulfing and fucking daily.

Tony knew that pie wasn’t gonna get thrown in his face. Sunshine uses her jugs to spread the filling all over him. He licks the rich carbs right off Sunshine’s palatable boobs and goes mad with raunchy delirium.

Sunshine does one of our beloved moves. Instead of blowing him, she has him shag her open mouth as she tickles and squeezes his testicles. Then this buck gives huge-chested Sunshine the man-juice right with out his fuckin’ nuts in a boinking scene so hawt, the pie plate melted.

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XL Girls: Origins

XL Girls: Origins

Allysa Andrews described herself as an adults store sales associate when she applied to She is from the Keys in Florida where they do not wear a lot of hot raiment 12 months a year. Allysa is 206 pounds, 5’4″, wears a 38G brassiere and a size Eighteen suit. Her dream was to screw Darth Vader. We could not arrange that in her very 1st scene so we got a run of the mill guy instead although this chap does breathe enormous.

The 1st time Allysa got banged in her life, that babe was on a trampoline with her ex-boyfriend’s brother. “My allies pulled into the driveway during the time that we were banging.” That did not happen here, luckily for all of us. Coitus interruptus is a drag.

This XL Girls: Origins looks back at her first hardcore scene. Allysa made two more XXX vids with cocksmen previous to riding off into the sunset.

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Brick House Sweetheart

Brick Abode Babe

In Texas, the bricks are bigger in size and the mounds are even bigger. Bricks are rock hard. Scoops are soft. Why a angel with a shapely, ultra-plush body is called a brick abode is something for the word-scholars to sort out.

Illustrating the definition of “brick house” in pics and a Bonus movie is Danica Danali (Full Figured Foxes TWO, Plump N’ Banged TWO and more), a Texas housewife with 38L-cups and a 52-inch bustline. Danica is back at with a fresh series of pix and movie scenes. Danica first came here at the end of 2010 and was an immediate hit.

Danica’s been married thirteen years and her spouse supports her modeling interests. And that’s a great thing for all fans of XL Beauties and their hawt adventures.

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Nobody Does It Adore Sara

Nobody Does It Like Sara

Saying nobody does it like Sara is an understatement. Though it’s been less than a year since her debut, Sara has already done it all and fucked a lot–much to the delight of XL Chaps worldwide. Already one of our hottest recent cuties, it is always great to have her back. Especially when Sara is banging. This babe has a cock-lust not detected likewise often. Even around these parts. This babe is a carnal, take charge sweet heart, also… something we adore in a beauty. Something we know our buddy Thomas Lee will appreciate.

“I am 50-50,” Sara said when we asked her if she was more passive or confident. “Sometimes I need my lady-killer to take control, but sometimes I urge to be in charge. To dominate him.”

That is just what Sara and Thomas do in this steamy photo-shoot. Thomas begins by fondling her whoppers previous to going down on Sara’s damp slit. Then Sara pulls out Thomas’ now-throbbing wang and tugs and sucks until this chab can not hold out any longer and that petticoat chaser is got to screw Sara’s pussy. Sara says that babe doesn’t figure out much, so rogering as often as possible is how that babe keeps her figure and FF-cup meatballs looking magnificent.

“I have sex almost every single day,” that babe told. “If I do not, I feel upset and concerned. Sex is my prefered thing to do.

We can see that, Sara. Inspect the even hotter episode to see how much that babe enjoys a valuable screw.

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Texas-size Fun bags

Texas-size Tits

When Danica Danali points her 52-inch, 38L-cup Texas-size knockers at somebody, they freeze. It’s one of her many super-powers. You’ve seen Danica’s other super-powers previous to at If you’ve not, it’s time to catch up. We’re always pleased to have her over to widen the fun.

What makes Danica extra randy?

“Tit and teat play. Worthwhile, long mouthing of my teats with plenty of suction and licking with tongue. Also I love long, rock hard giving a kiss.”

What does Danica do for her Lothario to make him feel particular? What can this lady-killer do for her?

“He likes that I cook for him and bake him his beloved foods. In couch, that smooth operator can’t live out of face-sitting and my bigger than typical titties right in his face. Then this chab does everything I ask!”

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